Savannah – Wayzata High School Senior Photos

It’s been a fabulous summer here in Minnesota. I’m savoring every minute I can possibly get, since winter is literally around the corner. YAY! for ski season, Boo! for the bitter cold and snow in my driveway. I’m not a fan of the snow blower or shoveling for that matter.

Our All-inclusive senior package this summer has been a hit, so we will continue with it going forward. We will still leave the original option for those clients who desire high quality, one of kind designed products as well.

Our summer has been filled with coast to coast travel and I will share some pictures at a later date. For now, enjoy a fellow Washingtonian Savannah. My son and her brother were toddler friends when we lived back in Washington state. Savannah and her family moved to the Twin Cities about three years ago. They live on the west side and we live on the east side, so it’s like living in different states, but we do see each other occasionally.

Enjoy the beautiful Minnesota weather!

All the best,

A Few of My Favorite Images of 2014 – Pet Photographer in Minneapolis

This post has been long overdue. I’m working on a personal project involving my two bulldogs. I’ve had some interest, mostly from instagram for prints, cards, calendars, etc. and honestly, I haven’t thought that far. Ideally, I’d like to create a book with these two characters. In-the-meantime, I have a laundry list of shoots involving mostly Butter since she is so cooperative. Butter is so patient, she lets me take umpteen shots to get that twinkle in her eye or her priceless expressions. And Wilson is quite the diva – one click and he’s done. He’s a character, but not that easy to capture on camera. So, he watches for the most part.

Enjoy some of my favorite images from 2014. And be sure to follow me on instagram to catch the latest captures.

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Bulldog Style – Pet Portrait Photographer in Minnesota

A little Butter to bring a smile to your face on these grey winter days. I mean seriously who doesn’t love a fashionable bulldog?

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10 reasons to travel to London in Spring

As winter settles in for the next 4 to 5 months (it’s a long winter in Minnesota) everyone looks forward to going to some place warm for spring break (typically the month of March). When we first moved to Minnesota, we quickly realized why so many Minnesotans flock to Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean. It is so cold here and for so long. It’s a peaceful time of year and there is plenty to keep busy during the winter months, but the cold is just COLD! It’s just nice to be able to get away.

The first few years we did what everyone else does, we took trips to Florida, Dominican Republic, Arizona, Texas and Mexico. It was always so weird to us, at first anyhow, when people would ask where we were from and we said “we live in Minnesota”, they did too or Wisconsin. After a few trips to warmer climates and our return home to Minnesota, it would put me in a particularly foul mood because it is still really cold here in Minnesota and March is typically a very snowy month. I miss very much the temperate climate of Seattle and the Rhododendrons, crocuses, daffodils and the lush green – it’s like a Technicolor explosion against the grey sky. In Minnesota, the starkness of winter is still embracing us.

I thought we should try a temperate climate, but not a beach climate, so we chose to visit London. We figured it would be grey and rain soaked, but we lucked out. It was cool and required a jacket, but no rain during our stay. Even if it had rained, we were expecting it, so we would have loved it just the same. And to my surprise, I wasn’t in a foul mood when we returned and last winter was a record breaking cold year – the year of the polar vortex that just wouldn’t let up. So here are 10 reasons to visit London in Spring.

1. Spring has sprung – new buds on trees, daffodils, camellias and the grass is green.

2. The sites – The Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, etc. There is so much to see and do.

3. An off chance of seeing The Queen. We did! Strangely it was very exciting.

4. Pub Food – I really should have taken more food photos! I didn’t even get one of the obvious fish and chips!

5. Harrods – one must go and see for oneself. There is everything you can imagine at Harrods, groceries, restaurants, designer clothing, luxurious jewelry, etc.

6. Public Transportation – it is so easy to get around on The Tube and you will never forget “Mind the Gap” as you exit the trains.

7. The parks – we spend a good portion of an afternoon at Hyde Park. I could have spent all day photographing the water fowl.

8. Quick jaunts to the countryside – we visited Greenwich and it was like stepping into a George Seurat painting.


9. High Tea – anything with rose petals for me and my son had fish and chips! He of course had some pastries too.

10. The theatre district – see a show when in London. We finally saw The Lion King.

We had the loveliest of stays while we were in London. We stayed at the St. Ermins Hotel in Central London. It is a well appointed hotel with easy access to the Tube and we would stay there again.

I hope you enjoyed my post about our first impressions of London. We look forward to visiting again, at some point in the future.

All the best,

Modern Teen Portrait Photographer in Minnesota

We have had the most beautiful fall in Minnesota. It is so colorful and beautiful. After our long and very cold winter and mild summer, we sure are getting a treat with this fall weather. The weekend is forecasted to bring us a 70 degree day. Wow! We just had our ski race team meeting last night, they hope to be on the hill Thanksgiving weekend. It doesn’t seem that is possible given our fabulous fall weather, but as we all know living up here in Minnesota, the weather changes in the blink of an eye. So, for now we will enjoy this beautiful season.

I had a fun session with Cammie, a sophomore from East Ridge High School a few weekends ago. She is helping me with some fine art portrait work. We had a beautiful afternoon of chasing light, walking through trails covered in leaves and enjoyed the warm sun on a brisk afternoon. I can’t wait to work on the fine art projects I have lined up; however, it will be awhile before I’m ready to share. In-the-meantime, here are a few images that caught my eye as I was sorting through the images from our shoot.